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Can Sarasota Save Florida’s Film Industry? Narrated by Ethan Hawke

As state incentives for filmmakers expire, experts worry about the future of filmmaking in Florida, but Sarasota seems to be bucking the statewide trend.
04/19/2017/by Raymmar

Has Sarasota Failed Young Professionals?

SRQ Media Group takes on local community issues as part of a series of Oxford Style Debates designed to engage Sarasota leaders
04/12/2017/by Raymmar

Ethan Hawke in Sarasota – SU Exclusive

Why is Ethan Hawke in Sarasota, and what does this mean for the local arts community?
03/08/2017/by Raymmar

SU Town Hall Watercolors – by Rae Grand

Explore our recent town hall event through the watercolor paintings of local artist Rae Grand.
02/27/2017/by Raymmar

Explore video coverage of our recent town hall event

Explore the different videos from our recent town hall event and learn more about how we are creatively connecting the local community.
02/26/2017/by Raymmar

Candidates for Sarasota City Commission Play Red Light/Green Light

At our recent town hall event, we surprised the candidates (and the crowd) with a special version of Red Light/Green Light. Enjoy!
02/21/2017/by Raymmar

Explore photos from our recent town hall

02/17/2017/by Raymmar

Vote for Your Favorite Sarasota City Commissioner in our Unofficial Straw Poll

Cast your vote for Sarasota City Commission in our unofficial online straw poll.
02/15/2017/by Raymmar

Why We Picked Kevin Cooper to Moderate Our Candidate Forum

02/10/2017/by Raymmar

Matt Sperling Defends His Right To Drink And Drive

Explore a surprising string of emails that show candidate for Sarasota City Commission Matt Sperling defending his right to drive after drinking.
01/27/2017/by Raymmar

Sit Down With City Manager Tom Barwin

A deep dive into the state of Sarasota with City Manager Tom Barwin.
01/25/2017/by Raymmar

Meet The Candidates for Sarasota City Commission 2017

Meet your candidates for Sarasota City Commission. Click to watch candidate interviews and learn more about the upcoming Sarasota City election in March.
01/16/2017/by Raymmar

The State of Sarasota – A Town Hall Event

Join us for our first community town hall meet the candidates for city commission, and learn more about our plan to creatively connect Sarasota.
01/05/2017/by Raymmar

Students to Sarasota – This is why we’re leaving

10/10/2016/by Raymmar

#SRQHacks: Local Youth Use Technology To Solve Social Issues In Sarasota

Learn more about how the upcoming SRQHacks Hackathon hosted by the Education Foundation of Sarasota County is empowering local youth through technology.
09/29/2016/by Raymmar

How Our Creative Partners Are Helping Shape The SU Storyline

This video showcases one of our recent meetings, and gives you a better taste for how our creative partners are helping us shape the Sarasota Underground storyline.
09/24/2016/by Raymmar

The Question All Young People In Sarasota Are Asking

We went over to the Ringling Underground to talk to young professionals and millennials about why they are planning or staying or leaving Sarasota.
09/19/2016/by Raymmar

Reach 1000 Members

Join today and help us shape the future of Sarasota.
09/15/2016/by Raymmar

Why Millennials (Including Me) Are Staying in Sarasota

A response to Shelby Webb - "the more I thought about her article and the argument she presented, the more I started to realize that she got it all wrong."
08/26/2016/by Raymmar

YPG Summit Aims To Empower Sarasota Young Professionals

With a focus on personal development, professionals development, and community involvement, this half day summit aims to empower area Young Professionals
08/12/2016/by Raymmar

Visible Boys Hope to Become Visible Men

Students from Visible Men Academy in Bradenton Fl, were asked to write poems in response this year's Faces of Change. These are the videos of their poems.
06/22/2016/by Raymmar

Learn more about becoming a Creative Partner

Learn more about our upcoming creative Partners meeting and find out how you can help us shape the future of this city we all love.
06/16/2016/by Raymmar

Sarasota Startup Turns Human Body Into Virtual Playground

Learn more about an innovative suite of medical-visualization software that aims to change the way we learn about and interact with the human body.
05/26/2016/by Raymmar

16 People You’ll Meet As A Full Time Sarasota Resident

This article was written by our founder and originally published on EliteDaily.com
Thanks to Chris Leverett for the awesome cover image.
05/19/2016/by Raymmar

Harvey Milk Festival 2016

Learn more about the 7th annual Harvey Milk Festival in Sarasota Florida. An event that commemorates equality and those who work to make it a reality.
05/18/2016/by Raymmar

Young Inventors Gather At 7th Annual DaVinci’s Faire

Learn more and explore our video coverage of the 7th Annual BarCamp Un-conference and DaVinci’s Faire in Bradenton Florida.
05/17/2016/by Raymmar

If You Could Change One Thing About Sarasota…

Fill out the short form below and tell us what you would change about Sarasota if you could instantly change one thing.
05/08/2016/by Raymmar

The Newtown You Never Knew About

Get the scoop on plans to redevelop the Newtown corridor in Sarasota Florida. Plans include an urban garden and mixed use office building.
05/01/2016/by Raymmar

What is the Sarasota Underground?

Take a deep dive into the Sarasota Underground, and learn more about how we are creatively connecting Sarasota.
04/24/2016/by Raymmar

#MillennialCon 2016 – Millennials Gather to Discuss Future of Manatee County

The goal of the first annual MillennialCon was to get feedback and get area millennials invested in shaping the future of their community.
04/17/2016/by Raymmar
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