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4 days ago

Sarasota Underground

That one time students and mentors gathered for three days to hack their education. #SRQhacks - Please share.

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SRQhacks 2017 - Overview


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Thank you for a wonderful video we can all look back on to celebrate a great #SRQHacks weekend! We <3 you guys!

Great job! Miguel E Elasmar Check you out in the opening 🙂

That’s awesome


Last day at #srqhacks got us like.... #hackathon #srq #sarasota @educationfdn ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Sarasota Underground

Meet The Team Selected To Design A Master Plan For The Sarasota Bayfront.

Sasaki - ray.do/a/meet-the-team-selected-to-design-a-master-plan-for-the-sarasota-bayfront-yj0ZQnDYRANB

Join our online community to keep up with everything you need to know about the Sarasota Bayfront redevelopment process. sarasotaunderground.com/the-bay
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Meet Team Sasaki - Sarasota


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this is exciting. Can't wait to see their concept.

The Chicago Riverwalk is amazing! I'm excited to see what they do with the bayfront.

Austin Zveare and Eaton Zveare should be interesting!

Are any of these folks from west coast Florida? It is a different lifestyle from other areas of the country.

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