Explore a video journey through the history of Sarasota

We’re doing research into the history of Sarasota for a few videos we’re putting together. This page is where we will display our source material as we gather information for the project.

The History of Sarasota

A documentary about the history of Sarasota, Florida filmed in 16mm by Hack Swain Productions in 1983 using historic photos, audio interviews, and dramatic reenactments.

Lido Beach Casino

In 1940, as America pulled itself out of The Depression, an oasis appeared on the shores of Lido Beach. Built with the financial aid of the Works Progress Administration Program (WPA) started by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Lido Beach Casino served the citizens and tourists of Sarasota until 1969.

Hurricane of 1921

In 1921 hurricanes were not named, but the one in October of that year left a lasting impression on those who experienced it. Beginning with rain on Saturday, October the 22nd, the storm left the Sarasota bayfront a shambles by Tuesday.

Rosemary Cemetery

Rosemary Cemetery is burial place for many early Sarasota citizens, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs including Scotsman John Hamilton Gillespie, first mayor and local manager for Florida Mortgage & Investment Co., British land developers of the municipality. The cemetery was set aside in plat “Town of Sarasota”, filed on July 27, 1886.