If You Could Change One Thing…

Watch the video and then share your thoughts below. We’ll be using your feedback to shape our long term strategy here at the Sarasota Underground.

We’ve partnered with the Ringling Underground as a first step in telling a unique Sarasota story. We’re working on a number of initiatives with the goal of amplifying the voice of area young professionals, empowering creative entrepreneurs, and driving local commerce.

It’s all part of our plan to take the voice of the community and amplify it in order to show city, county and community leaders that we are serious about shaping the future of Sarasota.

If you would like to learn more, or get involved with what we are doing, fill out the short form below and share the one thing you would change about Sarasota if you could.

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What others are saying

I wish Sarasota was less of a tourist destination. When a town panders to tourists and out of town visitors and snow birds it loses its sense of culture. This happens so much in Florida cities. We need to embrace our personal voice and identity and be unique culture creators.

I would change the dependency on cars and lack of reliable, efficient public transportation.

I would like to see more events focused around art/ performance/ etc. without the drinking as the centerpiece.

As a Sarasota native, I grew up going to all the art-centered schools in town. After graduating Ringling I have been attempting to start my illustration career in town and have been fortunate to do regular work with SRQ Magazine. While it’s been nice to see my work in almost every month’s issue, I wish I were seeing more involvement and integration between young local artist and our media and so on. This seems obvious considering the large population of young creatives enrolled in our hand full of renowned art-focused schools. I know that creating more opportunities for younger generations of local artists would make it more viable for them to start their careers in Sarasota, rather than move away to do so like I know many do following graduation.

I think you guys are on to something here, because we need to expose more of what Sarasota has to offer beyond seascape paintings and covers of Jimmy Buffet.

I wish that public art projects were designated for local artists only – or at least we could be given preferential treatment. I am also responding to your call for “creatives”. I am a local mosaic artist and you can see my work (community projects) at the Mable Ringling Fountain on Mound, the columns outside WSLR’s courtyard on Kumquat, and I just refinished the fountain in the back of the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez. I also have a piece on the outside of the community center at The Isles in Palmer Ranch. I would be honored to be featured and tour you around my work while talking about supporting LOCAL artists.

The connectivity between young professionals. We are many and we are growing, why is it so hard for us to connect?

I would like to see a more vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming contemporary art/music/theater/film culture/community for non-establishment types. Not knocking the est. just has been more difficult to find information/community as a northern transplant, imo. I LOVE Sarasota!

I wish it was more of a hub for game development and game studios. It’s difficult to establish myself as a serious contender in the worldwide game development community here.

The cancerous rash of ugly buildings that are eating up the sky.

I would like to see the election of city commissioners and the hiring of staff that are willing to work WITH local event organizers rather than against them; understanding that creating a vibrant climate for special events and innovation is what keeps us young professionals from leaving and is what attracts others to move here.

I would do something about the homeless issues.

I would like to see something or somewhere everyone can go and love to meet new people/things/idea’s

I would like to see more of a diverse city with regards to food, music, and people.

I would like to increase the influence of the younger generations around the city.

We need more activities geared toward the young people.

I would like to see more businesses offering internships locally.

I’d like to see more businesses, etc stay open later.

We need to continue to seek out ways to positively affect our homeless neighbors.

I would like to see Sarasota come closer to reaching its full potential.

I’d like to see more nightlife