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The Sarasota Struggle – What It’s Like To Be Homeless In Sarasota

With more than twice the national average for homeless residents in a city its size, Sarasota has a serious homeless problem.

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Young Professionals Speak Out About Affordable Housing in Sarasota

Video source – Sarasota Underground

According to a recent survey by the Sarasota Young Professionals Group, 46% of respondents said they are currently thinking about leaving town because of the lack of affordable housing, and another 31% said they had considered it in the past. Which means that almost 80% of the respondents (the most active Young Professionals in the area) have, or are currently considering leaving.

How would Sarasota even survive something like that? And how can the Young Professional bitch but not show up to vote? How do we fix these problems here in our home town?

That is what I wanted to know, so we went out asked people what they thought.

This has been a topic of major discussion in the local news, and it will be interesting to see where this conversation takes those of us who are interested in making Sarasota more attractive for Young Professional.

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