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What is the Sarasota Underground?

Empower Local Creatives

Learn more about how SU is empowering local creative entrepreneurs.

Amplify The Voice of Sarasota’s Younger Residents

We’re working closely with some of the most prominent young professionals organizations in the region to help amplify their voice through the use of video.

Help Revitalize Sarasota’s Live Music Scene

Join a group of active Sarasota residents as we work to revitalize the live music scene in Sarasota Florida.

Advocate for Affordable Housing in Sarasota

Keep up with the latest news and updates about affordable/attinable housing in Sarasota as it relates to area Young Professionals

Help Revitalize The Sarasota Bayfront


Increase Voter Turnout In Sarasota City Elections

We are making it easy to keep up with everything that matters about Sarasota. In a voice that is focused on a younger voter demographic.