MOXIE Productions Presents: Mouth Council, The Jackettes, & Tuff Son

MOXIE Productions: aka: SRQ Arts Presenters
Bringing you original music from local, regional and touring acts.
Every 2nd Wednesday of the month..
Live Original Showcase is held at the oldest venue, The Gator Club in Downtown Sarasota.
// No Cover // 21+ //

Mouth Councill (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
“Mouth Council is a circle in which a microphone is passed around and each participant’s voice is captured and layered on the spot and simultaneously mixed, produced, and guided by Billy Mays III through a multi-track sampling device. Each session is equally influenced by the spontaneity of the space and the collective energy of its participants. Mouth Council’s mission is to create communal music, pulsing with the freshness of the moment and providing an opportunity for free expression and primal release for all involved.”

The Jackettes ( Saint Petersburg, Florida)
They are not so much a band as they are an attempt to give form to the passion felt for the music that we have come to know and love in our human existence. Like a child trying on their father’s too-big suit and tie or a group of toddlers shoulder-stacked under a baggy trench coat– we are youthfully attempting to carry the glimmering torch of our musical ancestors. This is an effort to give the world her next “classic sound.” We love it all: from the tender ballads of the Great American Songbook, to the unpredictable antics of a swinging 70’s r&b diva mythical and real….and we feel a strong obligation and connection to those of the yester-world to make music with those same characteristics. A sound that transcends being accepted and understood. We are humans struggling under the weight of living and dying. We are made by a great creator trying to be as creative. So it goes. The music we create embodies the out of touch, out of sync, misunderstood hysterical breakdown of simply living- to unite us.

Tuff Son (Sarasota, Florida)
Jeph Kerber aka Tuff Son is a stranger in your town. He walks in stride with people much taller than him. He prefers to play the song you didn’t expect to hear(he also prefers Ketel). He wants you to get another beer. His rhyming schemes are pretty basic. But don’t be fooled by his politeness. Or do. I don’t know? He’s up early killin’. What is being conveyed at this point is anyone’s guess. Tuff Son -Music That Makes You Homesick.