DaVinci’s Faire and BarCamp 2017

DaVinci’s Faire and BarCamp can be described in three words: Share ~ Learn ~ Grow. Every attendee – no matter how old or young – has a story to tell and an expertise to share. Come prepared to learn and teach as we all grow together. Register to attend today … and don’t even think of missing the fun!

This event is FREE with pre-registration.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 29 2017
Doors open to the public at 8:15 AM
Board Rush for Talk Topics Begins at 8:30 AM
Event Opens at 9:30 AM

Join life-long learners, creatives, geeks, business people, entrepreneurs, makers, inventors, investors, speakers, robotic enthusiasts, social gurus, information technology enthusiasts, educators, science & engineering people, gamers who dabble in the latest & greatest board games, IoT innovators, and much more.

See 2016 Highlights:

If you thought BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton events were great in the past – you haven’t seen anything yet! With plenty of room at our terrific new state-of-the-art MTC facility, we have space for you to show off lots of the cool stuff you do.
Special display opportunities available for makers, inventors, robotic enthusiasts and cool science & engineering projects. When you register, request a table (with power if needed) – there is $10 reservervation fee to display your projects!

Please invite others who might be interested in exhibiting, and pass on the registration link via social media (and in a newsletter, if you have one). Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll see you there!