2018 Florida Video Voter Guide

Detailed video overviews of each of the proposed ammendments to Florida’s constitution with commentarty by Adrian Moore from the Reason Foundation

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SU Community News & Video Playlist

A Sarasota Startup is Rewiring The Hiring Process

A Sarasota based startup is rewriting the rules for how to find and hire top talent at scale.

What’s Being Built In Downtown Sarasota?

Construction is completed, underway or planned on projects that will bring more than 4,000 new apartments, condominiums and hotel rooms in and around downtown Sarasota.

What Does the Future Hold for Sarasota?

What happens in the next few years will determine whether Sarasota becomes another ho-hum Florida coastal community for retirees or the kind of world-class city that it was always intended to be.

Moving SU Operations Downtown Sarasota

Ethan Hawke in Sarasota – SU Exclusive

Why is Ethan Hawke in Sarasota, and what does this mean for the local arts community?

Why Millennials (Including Me) Are Staying in Sarasota

A response to Shelby Webb – “the more I thought about her article and the argument she presented, the more I started to realize that she got it all wrong.”