MeteorEYES @ Gator Club – with Special guest

We are throwing a dance party at Gator Club in Sarasota on Wednesday, November 11th! We’re bringing an emerging regional artist to perfom with us.

MeteorEYES produce pulsing, bouncing and slinking synth rock dosed in psychedelic hues and light worldly flourishes. Frontwoman Shannon Fortner hits a rich, robust vocal that soars over electro-zipping synthesizers and bright chords of guitar melody with an Afro-island-surf feel in songs like “Pelicans” – the lead single off 2014 Neon Waters EP – while “Chinese Adventure” is a faster-paced dance-inducer with guitar passages of vague Far East persuasion and appealing tempo-changing breakdowns. Live, they bring lights, fog and dynamism.

More info soon..