Microsoft Learning Event – Transforming Your Business

Transforming Your Business with Interactive & Integrated Tools.

Productivity. It’s all the rage for good reason. If we can get more done with the same inputs, it frees us up for other endeavors or perhaps a well deserved vacation. But how to get there? Enter, the Microsoft ecosystem of products. Their interactive and integrated tools are designed to help you store your documents, files, and notes in familiar places and have those sync to every device. And what devices! Have you seen the new Microsoft Surface? We’ve entered one into production and we love it. Surface effortlessly adjusts to the way you work, and connects seamlessly to your other devices for uninterrupted creativity. If the Surface is not your cup of tea, Microsoft has you covered there too. Learn to use OneDrive where music, photos, and files on your PCs, phones, and tablets (Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone/PC/Tablet) automatically sync. The Phone Companion app for Windows 10 is one of t heir great tools and will help you get things set up so your content is on all your devices. Download it from the Store—it’s free.

And don’t forget Cortana, your digital agent, is always with you, ready to help. Ask Cortana from any device to remind you to grab some milk at the store, and get a reminder later on your phone when you’re on the way home. Through a Microsoft account, Cortana learns from you and works across all devices to extend the power of your devices and the cloud into a productivity solution.

We’re only scratching the surface here, come out to this free event and learn how Microsoft’s interactive and integrated tools can transform your business.

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