2018 Florida Video Voter Guide

Detailed video overviews of each of the proposed ammendments to Florida’s constitution with commentarty by Adrian Moore from the Reason Foundation

SU Community News & Video Playlist

Ethan Hawke in Sarasota – SU Exclusive

Why is Ethan Hawke in Sarasota, and what does this mean for the local arts community?

If You Could Change One Thing About Sarasota…

Fill out the short form below and tell us what you would change about Sarasota if you could instantly change one thing.

The Newtown You Never Knew About

Get the scoop on plans to redevelop the Newtown corridor in Sarasota Florida. Plans include an urban garden and mixed use office building.

The Sarasota Struggle – What It’s Like To Be Homeless In Sarasota

With more than twice the national average for homeless residents in a city its size, Sarasota has a serious homeless problem.