2018 Florida Video Voter Guide

Detailed video overviews of each of the proposed ammendments to Florida’s constitution with commentarty by Adrian Moore from the Reason Foundation

Our Founder Responds to Allegations of Racism

Disagreeing with you does not make me racist. A video response to the local social justice warriors who are slandering my name and attacking my credibility. Please share this message with them if you know them.

Explore video coverage of our recent town hall event

Explore the different videos from our recent town hall event and learn more about how we are creatively connecting the local community.

Matt Sperling Defends His Right To Drink And Drive

Explore a surprising string of emails that show candidate for Sarasota City Commission Matt Sperling defending his right to drive after drinking.

Sit Down With City Manager Tom Barwin

A deep dive into the state of Sarasota with City Manager Tom Barwin.

Meet The Candidates for Sarasota City Commission 2017

Meet your candidates for Sarasota City Commission. Click to watch candidate interviews and learn more about the upcoming Sarasota City election in March.

The State of Sarasota – A Town Hall Event

Harvey Milk Festival 2016

Learn more about the 7th annual Harvey Milk Festival in Sarasota Florida. An event that commemorates equality and those who work to make it a reality.

Increase Voter Turnout In Sarasota City Elections

We are making it easy to keep up with everything that matters about Sarasota. In a voice that is focused on a younger voter demographic.


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